AuthorThe Seller Process

The Seller Process Podcast is the first podcast that offers content specifically designed for e-commerce sellers that aim to scale their business by improving their processes, creating more efficient systems, and creating excellent operational efficiency.

The host will interview expert e-commerce entrepreneurs, coaches, and professionals to create an insightful and value-packed show aimed at helping listeners to accomplish more with less time and effort through the use of systems, processes and SOPs.

Instagram and TikTok Influencer Outreach

Join Gianmarco Meli with Paul Baron to talk about ways to scale the business by putting the brand on social media through the power of influencer marketing. Paul is the founder and CEO of Chat Marketing University. He provides a step-by-step guide...

10 Hacks Guaranteed to Increase Your Profit

Join Gianmarco Meli with Andrew Erickson to discuss the 10 hacks that will guarantee increasing profit margins. Andrew is an engineer turned entrepreneur with several private label brands on Amazon and Etsy. He shares a few simple tweaks to apply in...


Capturing Systems & Creating SOPs

The ultimate guide to systemize your business and accomplish more with less!

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The Seller Process
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