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About The Seller Process Podcast

The Seller Process Podcast is the first podcast designed for e-commerce sellers like you, ambitious entrepreneurs that aim to scale their business by improving their processes, creating more efficient systems and building their team.

Each episode will aim to present a specific step-by-step process or system that you’ll be able to implement right away in your online business, regardless of whether you are a newbie or a seasoned seller.

The only path to successfully scaling your business lies in your ability as an entrepreneur to hire the right team and implementing the right processes to systematically grow your sales.

If you want to stop constantly spinning your wheels, putting up fires and feeling overwhelmed as a solopreneur, knowing that you are your own bottleneck to the company growth, it’s time to learn the art of business efficiency and start designing a business that runs like Clockwork!
The Seller Process Podcast is just the right place to start to do so, happy listening!


A System to Identify the Right Candidate for Your Team and Hire 3x Faster

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The Host

Gianmarco Meli is a serial entrepreneur and e-commerce business owner with 6 years of e-commerce experience living and doing business in China.
He graduated from “Run Like Clockwork”, an accelerator program based on the best-selling book “Clockwork”, where he learned to apply the best systems and methods to effectively scale operations of his Amazon business. 
Now his mission is to leverage the power of systems, processes and people to generate long-term impact with his businesses while sharing his knowledge and helping other entrepreneurs master the art of business efficiency along the way.

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Capturing Systems & Creating SOPs

The ultimate guide to systemize your business and accomplish more with less!

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