A System to Identify the Right Candidate for Your Team and Hire 3x Faster

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The "Old Manual Way" to Find, Vet, and Hire VAs and team members will NOT help you find the right person...

Everybody agrees that having the right people on your team is the key to growing and scaling any business. However, when it comes to hiring, most online entrepreneurs fail at finding the right candidates to join their businesses. That is because they use the “Old Manual Way” of screening candidates without a clear process, wasting hours of their time by looking at hundreds of CVs with no clue about which person could be the best candidate. What ends up happening is that they found themselves frustrated by the complexity of the hiring process and either hire no one (which keeps their business stuck at the same level) or worse, hire the wrong person, which in turn creates more problems.
The outcome is time, energy, and money wasted with poor or no results. 

Watch the video to learn how I went from the "Manual Old Way" to an automated system that helped me identify and hire A-players who are helping me grow my business.

“Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth. Hiring was – and still is – the most important thing we do.” – Marc Benioff, Founder, Chairman, and co-CEO of Salesforce

4 Steps to a Perfect-Fit

Identify the right person to join your team with a proven process


Post an Optimized Job Description




Evaluate Skill Tests


Interview the Best Candidates




Welcome your new VA!

How It Works

Hover on the tiles below and discover how you can start building your dream team in 3 simple steps

Get the System

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Step 1

Order the system through the links you'll find in this page. For the time being is still a launch promotional price subject to change at any time.


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Step 2

You will receive an email with video tutorials on how to open the accounts needed to make this system work. You'll need an Airtable account (free), a Make account (free) and a Google Workspace account (6$/month)


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Step 3

Start using the system to transform the way you find applicants and identify the best candidates. Use our ready made templates and automated emails to speed up your VA or Teammate search and start bulding your dream business!

AUTOMATE & save time

Powerful Automations Take the Manual Work out of the Game

Don’t get lost in the boring manual work, this tool’s automated processes will get you to your new A-player in no time!

hire faster & more efficiently

See all Applicants' Infos in One Glance for Easy Comparisons

Find the hidden gems in the sea of candidates by going through a well-structured table that shows all the applicants’ information.

Use Ready-Made Skill Test Templates to Easily Identify the Best Candidate for your Team

Bonuses that will make you a hiring pro!

Private Facebook Support Group

Hiring VAs Bonus Course

Follow this course to get expert tips on how to go about hiring your VAs, freelancers and teammates and develop a superpower in identifying the right people for your team.

Order the System Today and Start Scaling With the Right Team!

lifetime access - LAUNCH OFFER!

$ 600
  • Installation in Your Accounts
  • Unlimited Candidate Applications
  • Templates and Scripts for All You Need
  • Ready to Use Skill Tests
  • Free course "Hire VAs Faster"

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Companies like yours grow their business through this hiring system

What they say about the system

Do You Have Any Questions? Read Our FAQs Section and Feel Free to Ask

This Automated Hiring System is a proven and tested system that has worked with hiring successfully connecting businesses with the candidates that best matched their open position. So simply follow the process that we have outlined for you and the systematic approach that we take will open your eyes over the best people that will perfectly match your job description.

Absolutely not. No coding skills are required. This is a plug and play solution installed in your accounts though easy steps that you will follow after the order.

Short answer: Yes.
Long Answer: this system has everything needed to start right after installation using our pre-built templates. However you are free edit any of our emails, templates and skill tests and twick them to your needs.

Absolutely, choose who you want to connect with:

– Barak (for technical assistance & hiring questions): info@sellerframe.com
– Gianmarco (for hiring questions & partnerships): gm@thesellerprocess.com

No More Wrong Candidates

Feel empowered by knowing the system used by expert recruiters that have successfully hired hundreds of people.

Become a Confident Recruiter

The days of frustrations will be gone, welcome the new confident entrepreneur capable of finding the best people for their team

Successfully Delegate

Exponentially scale your business with the support of the right people working on your side to help you achieve your vision!

We Are Here to Help you Find the Best People to Join Your Team


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Our Committment to Your Hiring Journey

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15 Days Guarantee

100% refund if you don't feel the system is right for you


Private Facebook Support Group

Fast response to your most urgent doubts and questions


Monthly Q&A Calls

Ask us anything during live call sessions

Unleash the True Potential of Your Business with the Help of the Right People in your Team!