Tools & Services

You’ll find below our favorite tools and services, the ones that we recommend and personally use in our business.
For most of them, you’ll be able to enjoy a discount or coupon code. Feel free to reach out to us if you should have any problems with claiming your coupons, or for any questions to make the best use of these resources.

Must-Have for every
Amazon Sellers

Best software for product scouting, keyword research, listing optimization, and much more. Get 10% off for a lifetime with code: THESELLERPROCESS10

Automate PPC Optimization

The PPC automation tool that we prefer. There are lots of smart algorithms that will do most of the optimization work for you. Check all algorithms through the button below and test them free for 30 days + 10% OFF discount

Top quality UGC videos

Our favorite place to create product videos for Amazon and social ads. It connects you with hundreds of video content creators that will shoot professional videos starting at 59$. Get 20$ off with code TSP20

Get funding to scale your business

One of the best platforms out there to get your purchase orders funded within days. Just input your planned schedule of purchases and get the money necessary to scale your business. Get 500$ back if you sign up through the button below.

Best Automation Tools

FBAexcel offers powerful tools built entirely on Google Sheets to help you automate keyword research, PPC optimization, metrics tracking, and more. Sign up for free through the link below to get "Keyword Dominator"

Best Inventory
Management Tool

This is the most advaced software for inventory management. A must-have for big accounts with lots of SKUs. Try it free for 30 days.

Polls & Split Tests

Perfect for split testing product variations before launching them. Also useful to optimize your listings by getting real instant data. Get 50% off your first poll with code: THESELLERPROCESS

Get your brand featured on FOX, USA Today and other media

Best quality/price PR agency for ecommerce brands. Your brand will get featured on hundreds of media outlets in just few days. Get 25$ off with code: TSPP

Hire VAs from the Philippines

My go-to platform to find highly skilled VAs and professionals from the Philippines.

Best Tool for
Messanger Chat Bots

Very powerful software to manage Messenger bots effectively for all your marketing campaigns.

Best URL Tracker

Simple to use, lots of options to choose from. It's our go-to platform to track links for all kinds of marketing campaigns. Get 20% off with code: TSP

Email Marketing Tool

A user-friendly and convenient platform to manage your email marketing campaigns. Get up to 30$ in credits when you sign up through the button below