AuthorThe Seller Process

The Seller Process Podcast is the first podcast that offers content specifically designed for e-commerce sellers that aim to scale their business by improving their processes, creating more efficient systems, and creating excellent operational efficiency.

The host will interview expert e-commerce entrepreneurs, coaches, and professionals to create an insightful and value-packed show aimed at helping listeners to accomplish more with less time and effort through the use of systems, processes and SOPs.

How to do Brick & Mortar Stores Outreach

Join Gianmarco Meli with Daniel Shnaider as they talk about the solution to expand sales offline and reach out to small retailers and brick-and-mortar shops serving target customers. Daniel Shnaider is a former Amazon seller who turned his online...

The 80/20 of Amazon PPC

Join Gianmarco Meli with Dr. Travis Zigler as they talk about the latest Amazon PPC tricks and tactics. Dr. Travis is a recovering optometrist turned e-commerce entrepreneur. He shares the 80/20 of Amazon PPC and the most important actions to...

“Profit First” for Amazon Sellers

Join Gianmarco Meli with Chad Maghielse as they talk about strategies to turn an Amazon business into a money-making machine that systematically pays a good salary and dividends monthly. Chad is an Amazon business owner of a pet supplies brand. He...


Capturing Systems & Creating SOPs

The ultimate guide to systemize your business and accomplish more with less!