Main Image Strategies to Increase CTR

In a world of countless Amazon listings, one man stumbled upon a hidden secret that would forever change his perspective. Kamaljit Singh’s journey into the realm of Amazon selling took an unexpected turn when he uncovered the mesmerizing power of the main image. His discovery, an enticing twist in his pursuit, revealed how a captivating image could revolutionize click-through rates and ultimately boost sales. But what tactics did Kamaljit employ to create these beguiling images that defied the norm? The answer lies in his relentless experimentation, leaving us on the edge of our seats, eager to unravel the secrets of his remarkable strategies.

In this episode of The Seller Process Podcast, Gianmarco talks with Kamaljit Singh as he shares advanced strategies for optimizing main images that go beyond the basics. Discover how to use the label-it strategy, the two-second rule, and more to attract customers and improve your click-through rates. 

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

  • Nail down strategies to augment the appeal of your Amazon main product images for increased click-through rates.
  • Get a grip on crucial metrics that reveal the true performance of your product.
  • Learn to strategically add labels to your main image, magnifying your product’s triumph card.
  • Iterate the importance of the two-second rule to fetch instant attraction and understanding.
  • Figure out how to employ models and acing different angles to intensify understanding and show off your product’s assets.

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About Kamaljit Singh:

Kamaljit Singh is the CEO and Founder of AMZ One Step. Kamaljit is an official member of the Forbes Council. He started selling on Amazon in 2015 with retail arbitrage and eventually built a private-label brand that he sold in 2018. Kamaljit organizes meetups in different cities of Canada. At AMZ One Step, Kamaljit and his team have created over 80,000 infographics for Amazon sellers. He is passionate about conversion optimization and branding on Amazon.

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