Exit Strategy Part I: Goals & Vision

Get ready to learn about crafting the perfect exit strategy for Amazon and eCommerce entrepreneurs in this exciting episode of the podcast. On this 3-part series, your host, Gianmarco and guest, Scott Deetz, founder and CEO of the Northbound Group talks about exit strategy. On the first part of this series, discover why having an exit strategy mindset is crucial and how it could result in more than half of the money entrepreneurs make from their businesses. The episode highlights a workbook built by Deetz’s company. It helps entrepreneurs identify how to create a spreadsheet, set their after-tax annual income and savings goals, and develop a detailed plan to reach their goals. Take advantage of this informative episode as Deetz advises entrepreneurs to complete the owner step and suggests that they understand their true profitability and determine how many successful products they need to reach their exit goal. Tune in now to learn more!

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

  • Three phases of an exit strategy: goal setting and owner perspective, understanding business worth, and developing a plan.
  • Importance of having an exit strategy mindset for maximizing profit.
  • A workbook for entrepreneurs to guide them through the exit strategy process.
  • The significance of not skipping the owner step and having a clear goal in mind.
  • Understanding true profitability and determining successful products needed to reach exit goals.
  • And so much more!

Download the “Exit Strategy Workbook” by Scott Deetz

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About Scott Deetz:
Scott Deetz helps Amazon and eCommerce entrepreneurs unlock growth and profitability bottlenecks in their businesses and then exit for a top valuation. He also advises on other strategic transactions such as improving cash flow through partner supplier negotiations, debt financing, or minority equity investments. After selling his first business, it became a passion for Scott to help other entrepreneurs get the right valuation for their companies.

In addition to owning an Amazon business himself, Scott is the founder & CEO of Northbound Group, a leading strategic finance, corporate development, and sell-side M&A advisory firm focused on Amazon & eCommerce physical goods and SaaS businesses. Northbound has more than 30 full-time team members dedicated to the mission of Helping eCommerce Entrepreneurs Achieve Life-Changing Events.

Connect with Scott Deetz on…

Website: https://www.northboundgroup.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scott-deetz-62545918/

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