The 80/20 of Amazon PPC

Join Gianmarco Meli with Dr. Travis Zigler as they talk about the latest Amazon PPC tricks and tactics. Dr. Travis is a recovering optometrist turned e-commerce entrepreneur. He shares the 80/20 of Amazon PPC and the most important actions to maximize ad spend returns. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

– The 80/20 Pareto Principle
– Find the 20% of keywords to drive 80% of sales
– Single keyword ad campaigns
– Up-down strategy
– Is the same tactic applicable to sponsored brands?
– And so much more!

Watch now the Step-by-step Amazon PPC strategy guide that will skyrocket your products.

About Dr. Travis Zigler:

Dr. Travis Zigler is a recovering optometrist turned e-commerce entrepreneur. He is the founder of Eye Love,, whose mission is to naturally heal 1,000,000 dry eye sufferers. Dr. Travis and his wife, Dr. Jenna Zigler, use the profits from Eye Love to fund free clinics in Jamaica and the US through their charity, the Eye Love Cares Foundation,

Due to the success of Eye Love (over $5.4 million in 2021), others have asked if Dr. Travis would help them grow their business online, and more specifically with Amazon, which led to the creation of the Profitable Pineapple Ads Agency (Why Pineapple… Why Not?). Specializing in Amazon PPC, Dr. Travis blogs about Amazon PPC and selling on Amazon, and also has a free Amazon PPC Masterclass, which you can check out here:

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