How to Build Your Amazon’s Post-Purchase Funnel

If you have a well-built and beautiful webpage for your products but not getting anywhere near a successful level of attraction for new customers signing up, you might be lacking a marketing strategy. 

Join us in this episode of The Seller Process Podcast, as we discuss with Shawn Hart and Seth Stevens, the co-founders of how they’re helping dozens of Amazon sellers beat their competition through leveraging email marketing.

Post Purchase PRO is the only full-service post purchase marketing company specifically designed to help Amazon sellers drive repeat orders, keyword ranking, and higher profitability using real email and text marketing.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

  • Email marketing and an overview of the process
  • Creating Value and Building Engagement
  • An attention getting marketing device.
  • Making an Opt-in page attractive and effective. 
  • On making an Opt-In page
  • Getting people to visit Opt-in Page from product insert.
  • Delivering the value that was promised.
  • Tips to increase email open-rates and conversion.

Download the book “Private Label Millionaire Secrets” by Seth and Shawn, to learn tips and tricks to grow your Amazon brand that you’ve never heard of before!

About Shawn Hart:

Shawn Hart is an accomplished entrepreneur with a long history of success in direct sales and marketing. He began his career selling roses on the street before founding his first business, CDC Marketing, in 1991. He quickly achieved success, earning over 11 million by the age of 27 and becoming the first cash millionaire in his graduating class. After selling CDC Marketing, he launched several other successful businesses, including Hart Medical Supplies and Hart Marketing Inc. He is also a successful author, and co-authored two books with Seth Stevens, Selling On The River and Private Label Millionaire Secrets. He is passionate about sharing his insights with other aspiring entrepreneurs and has been invited to speak on a variety of topics related to marketing, sourcing, and guerrilla marketing. He also began a small group trip to Yiwu China in March of 2015 by hosting over 40 clients on a buying trip to China to teach other sellers how to identify, negotiate and source the best product opportunities directly from Chinese sellers. In the summer of 2020, he then partnered again with Seth Stevens to start their new company Post Purchase PRO which is focused on providing end to end done for email marketing specifically for Amazon sellers. Shawn has generated over $153 million in sales of his own branded physical products over the past decade and continues to share his journey and insights through his podcasts. He currently resides in the Southern Gulf Coast area of the United States with his family.

About Seth Stevens:

Seth Stevens is an accomplished entrepreneur with extensive experience in sales, marketing, and business development. Together with Shawn Hart, he has co-founded Post Purchase Pro, a company that provides end-to-end email marketing solutions specifically for Amazon sellers. He also Co-Founded Quick Fast Hurry LLC with Shawn, where they have been instrumental in helping other entrepreneurs launch successful physical products businesses on Amazon.

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