Never Repeat Mistakes with a Stockout Assessment Checklist

Is there a way or a system to prevent stockout for your products? What are things we should be aware when it comes to stockouts?

Join us in this episode of The Seller Process Podcast, as Gianmarco welcomes back Chelsea Cohen, the queen of inventory management, where they discuss about how to effectively run through stockout assessment and putting a stockout avoidance system in place.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

  • Intro discussion
  • The stockout assessment checklist
  • The three main categories of stockouts
  • On keeping a buffer stock
  • On coordinating with the marketing team
  • What is a stockout avoidance system?
  • Protecting your Performance Index Score
  • On Restock Limits: FBA Capacity Manager
  • On stockouts from supplier delays
  • On stockouts from shipping delays
  • About live unload
  • On achieving more with less

Download the “Stockout Assessment Checklist” by SoStocked, and start managing your inventory as the big brands do!

About Chelsea Cohen:

Chelsea Cohen is an Amazon inventory management expert and the co-founder & CEO of, an Amazon inventory management software. She is also an Amazon seller, speaker & consultant. Her regular clients include 7 & 8-figure sellers. She has been featured on AM/PM Podcast, 7-Figure Sellers Summit, Seller Events & the Prosper Show & Amazing Summit stages, among others.

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