Key Elements To Confirm Before Placing a Factory Order

How do we step up our sourcing process? Are there techniques to help us vet suppliers from China?  What do I need to know before placing an order?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced importer from China. 

Join us in this episode of The Seller Process Podcast, as we discuss with Jing Zhu, the founder of how to effectively select reliable manufacturers, build lasting relationships, and negotiate for the best prices. 

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

  • Intro and Jing’s background
  • The process of vetting suppliers
  • On vetting suppliers: Manufacturing vs Wholesale
  • On vetting suppliers: Company Background Information
  • On vetting suppliers: Ease of Communication
  • On vetting suppliers: Good Quality Samples
  • Supplier location: Clusters by Industry
  • NDAs and registering your trademark/brand in China.
  • Learn about shipping before ordering.
  • On Defects: agreement and definition
  • Negotiating prices and payment terms
  • Building good and lasting relationships

Download the guide “Import from China” by Jing Sourcing to learn tips, tricks and best practices to source products from China effectively!

About Jing Zhu:

Jing Zhu is the founder of Together with 100+ staff members, he helped thousands of clients source goods from China in the past 8 years. Their company is a one-stop China sourcing solution dedicated to helping foreign importers, especially for small businesses. He started blogging in 2015 in an effort to share practical experiences on importing from China, and as it became one of the most popular blog on the topic, it eventually led to long-term business relationships with some of his audiences. He also published an e-book called Import from China Guide, a valuable tool for beginners and experienced importers.  

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