How to Optimize Your Supply Chain To Improve Cashflow

Join Gianmarco Meli and his special guest, Jamie Paros, as they discuss ways to optimize your supply chain, de-risk your business, and boost profitability. Jamie, an accomplished entrepreneur and Amazon FBA expert shares his knowledge and experience in the industry, including tips for controlling inventory and reducing costs. Learn from one of the most well-known influencers in the Amazon space as Jamie shares his success and global contacts in the community.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

  • Supply chain optimization for Amazon sellers
  • Jamie’s experience as an entrepreneur and influencer in the Amazon FBA space
  • Importance of smaller weekly shipments and de-risking business continuity
  • Advantages of using a Chinese logistics company
  • And so much more!

Download the “Supply Chain Cost Comparison” by SKUDrop, to start optimizing your supply chain and improving your cash flow!

About Jamie Paros..

From a young age, it was clear that Jamie had that entrepreneurial spirit built into his DNA. Starting various businesses at an early age, he soon realized he was swapping too much time for money and missing precious time with family.

Jamie’s hunger and motivation for change led him to discover the Amazon FBA business model. He intuitively knew that Amazon would help him leave the daily 9-5 grind behind. Jamie’s incredible work ethic, success, and global contacts led him to become one of the most well-known influencers in the Amazon space. Now, Jamie spends his days in the community giving where he can, also reinventing Amazon supply chain processes through various business ventures.

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