The 4Ds to Find Your Customer Avatar and Transform Your Brand

Join Gianmarco Meli and his guest, Monica Sharma-Patnekar, as they talk about a method to identify target market, craft offers, and communicate based on the customers’ core needs, wants, and aspirations. They also talked about being committed to giving customers exceptional service, outstanding products, and content tailored to their needs. If you are looking to grow your business, this episode is for you.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

  • The importance of knowing who you’re serving.
  • Ways to find your customer’s needs and desires.
  • You must follow up with customer conversations if you have direct access to your customers.
  • The importance of using data to get to the heart of your customer’s motivations.
  • Use your product page as a landing page instead of a store page.
  • And so much more!

Download the โ€œ4 types of questions to ask your customerโ€ made by Monica to discover the needs, wants & desires of your customer!

About Monica Sharma-Patnekar:

Monica Sharma-Patnekar is an eCommerce brand mentor & consultant. She works with creative & conscious entrepreneurs – eCommerce, product-based, and retail – who want a more precise & more focused vision for their brand so that they can communicate & connect with their actual audience and have more impact on the products they sell.

It all started with an MSc. Business Administration, major Marketing. From there, it just took on its own life. She brings together over 17 years of experience.

She worked with Fortune500 companies across Brand Management, Strategy Consulting & Global Marketing. Google has hired her to coach their premium partners – 7-figure scale-ups Tech, SaaS & agencies who work with eCommerce businesses. She continues to work with scale-ups as a fractional CMO. Coach small business, creatively conscious, eCommerce, product & retail entrepreneurs.. on their way to 6-figures; others scaling to 7-figures and beyond.

Dutch by birth. Indian by heritage. Global by choice & education. A creative thinker. A dancer. A chai fanatic. A mom of 2 girls.

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