Identify Bundles & Kits Opportunities to Sell on Amazon

Join Gianmarco Meli with guest Luke Wechselberger, Amazon seller and coach to over 500 students, who shares his method to identify new product opportunities by bundling together multiple complimentary items in novel ways to offer great value to the customers. You will learn how to search for these opportunities and create your own kit or bundle to dominate your niche!  To know more about this strategy, tune in to this episode and enjoy!

Outline of the Episode:

  • Creating product bundles and kits
  • How to use Amazon data to create bundles
  • Validating product supplier and product quality
  • How do you know if you’ve found success with your bundles?
  • Luke’s take on virtual bundles
  • Best advice to achieve more with less when it comes to product research and development

Download the “Amazon FBA Mini Course” (use code “SELLERPROCESS” to access free of charge)

About Luke Wechselberger:

Luke Wechselberger is an Amazon seller and coach to over 500 students. He started a YouTube channel in 2017 that mainly focuses on FBA topics and covers affiliate marketing, personal branding, and cryptocurrencies. He recently spoke on stage at the Helium10 Sell & Scale Summit and finished being on a TV dating show which he won with his girlfriend of 5 years.

You can find Luke Wechselberger on…
Instagram | Luke W
YouTube| Luke W

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