Advanced Methods to Manage your VAs Effectively

Join Gianmarco Meli with Reggie Young as they talk about better managing VAs, motivating them, and increasing overall team productivity. Reggie is a seven-figure Amazon seller and digital marketing expert. He tells the system he uses to manage dozens of VAs to take care of business operations. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

– The 80-20 of project management
– Sign up for software to streamline the process
– Learn how to prioritize tasks
– Signed agreements and contracts from brands
– About the recurring productivity schedule
– And so much more!

Download the Productivity Toolkit and use it for your VA workflow and create the perfect rhythm at work to pass from initiation to completion.

About Reggie Young:

Reggie Young is a seven-figure Amazon seller and digital marketing expert. He recently sold his Amazon FBA business for $620k. He is passionate about topics related to business, travel, and mindset. Reggie continues to launch new brands across different forms of e-commerce. He also consults with other entrepreneurs and aggregators looking to achieve success online.

Tools & Useful Resources

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BrandPush – 
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