How to Grow Your Brand with Amazon Live

Join Gianmarco Meli with Gracey Ryback as they talk about how to give brands more exposure and gain more trust in the eyes of customers. Gracey is an Amazon influencer and content creator. She tells the process of getting products into an Amazon Live video to give the brand more visibility and boost sales. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

– How influencers work with Amazon sellers
– Third-party platforms to match brands with influencers
– Best practice to initiate a conversation for collaboration
– Signed agreements and contracts from brands
– Expected results when working with influencers
– And so much more!

Download the Influencer Contract Sheet and start building partnerships with people with great influence to get your brand discovered by millions of customers.

About Gracey Ryback:

Gracey is an Amazon influencer and content creator who specializes in bringing the best deals and Amazon finds to her community of over a million followers across TikTok and more than six additional platforms. She will show you why influencer marketing is the next vital step for your brand and the secrets to succeed with it on TikTok and Amazon Live. In her first year, she has driven over seven figures of revenue and helped many brands selling on Amazon boost sales, increase long-term keyword ranking, drive brand awareness, and go viral. She also livestreams for Amazon as an A-List Amazon Live creator and is often featured on the home and deals page. Gracey will show you how implementing influencer marketing into your brand strategy will skyrocket sales like you never imagined.

Tools & Useful Resources

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Rebaid – Book Amazon Live InfluencersRebaid pre-buys in bulk product placements from Amazon Live influencers and provides you with discounted rates to get your product featured on Amazon Live.

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