Combine Brand Analytics Reports for Advanced Data Analysis

Join Gianmarco Meli and with his guest, Daniel Fernandez from AMZ Clever, as they talk about how we can combine various data sources contained in Seller Central to obtain helpful information, evaluate our competitors, and make smarter decisions. Then, find out how to prepare the ideal product launch for your Amazon business. Learn what makes a successful product launch and why the Brand Analytics + Search Query Performance report combination is the perfect way to prepare for launch.

Outline of the episode:

• The Search Query Report and why sellers should care
• Method for filtering data based on the ASINs you sell
• The critical information that will enable us to make wiser decisions
• The importance of benchmarking and validation before a launch
• And so much more!

Download the Search Query Performance Data Analyzer and learn new powerful insights about your products and your competitors!

 About Daniel Fernandez:

Daniel is the founder and CEO of, a full-service agency that has managed and grown brands on Amazon and Walmart since 2015. He has worked with several 7, 8, and 9-figure brands, public companies, and product startups on launching and expanding on the Amazon and Walmart platforms and taking many of them internationally. Daniel spent some years living in China; he has spoken at industry-leading conferences in the US, Canada, China, Netherlands, and Hong Kong; and is a frequent contributor to different publications in the Amazon and e-commerce space. Currently resides in Florida, where he leads his global team and enjoys the sunny weather.

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Gianmarco Meli is a serial entrepreneur and e-commerce business owner with 6 years of e-commerce experience living and doing business in China.
He launched his first e-commerce startup in Shanghai in 2016, backed by Chinaccelerator (an SOSV venture capital fund), and subsequently moved to sell on Amazon a couple of years later. He graduated from "Run Like Clockwork", an accelerator program based on the best-selling book "Clockwork", where he learned to apply the best systems and methods to effectively scale operations of his Amazon business.
Now his mission is to leverage the power of systems, processes, and people to generate long-term impact with his businesses while sharing his knowledge and helping other entrepreneurs master the art of business efficiency along the way.

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