Six Questions to Demolish Your Comfort Zone

 Join Gianmarco Meli with his guest, Art Turock, as they talk about six questions to demolish one’s comfort zone. If you’re serious about reaching your most critical objectives and you’re looking for a proven method to unleash your true potential, improve your performance, and accelerate your achievements, this episode is for you. Art reveals the method that has assisted numerous individuals in stepping outside of their comfort zones and achieving dreams they could only have previously imagined.


Outline of the episode:

• Comfort zone demolition and four factors to keep in mind that ties to accountability

• Four major categories that we blame that become excuses: Feelings, Circumstances, Past

history, Identity

• Stop holding people accountable, what does it mean?

• Six categories of questions

And so much more!

Download the practice guide “Six Self-Coaching Questions to Transform Your Life” (Clicking the button below and find it on the homepage)

 About Art Turock:

 Art Turock has the rare distinction of being an elite performer in two fields—business + sports. Over three decades, he’s delivered speeches for 125 Fortune 500 companies, one of the highest totals all-time in the speaking industry. Art continues to enjoy a 17-year career in masters track and field. In 2015 and 2016, his pentathlon scores at the USA Track & Field Masters Championship, earned a silver and a bronze medal plus #8 world rankings for his age group. These athlete achievements are more remarkable because of Art’s birth defects which impede his blood circulation. Art Turock has published four books including Invent Business Opportunities No One Else Can Imagine, and Competent is Not an Option.

Since 2016, Art has orchestrated The Extraordinary Freedom Experiment to empower a select group of high achievers to demolish their comfort zones in order to accomplish their heartfelt goals and express their full performance capacity.

Later this year, Art will begin a series of unique online meetings called Comfort Zone Demolition Wakeup Calls. Comfort zone demolition is Art Turock’s favorite lifestyle habit.

Visit Art’s website to learn more:

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Gianmarco Meli is a serial entrepreneur and e-commerce business owner with 6 years of e-commerce experience living and doing business in China.
He launched his first e-commerce startup in Shanghai in 2016, backed by Chinaccelerator (an SOSV venture capital fund), and subsequently moved to sell on Amazon a couple of years later. He graduated from "Run Like Clockwork", an accelerator program based on the best-selling book "Clockwork", where he learned to apply the best systems and methods to effectively scale operations of his Amazon business.
Now his mission is to leverage the power of systems, processes, and people to generate long-term impact with his businesses while sharing his knowledge and helping other entrepreneurs master the art of business efficiency along the way.

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