Audit Your PPC Ads with a 4-Level Assessment

Join Gianmarco Meli with Ritu Java to discuss a four-level process of assessing the overall health of an Amazon advertising account. Ritu is the CEO and co-founder of PPC Ninja, a software and services company managing sponsored ads and DSP. She explains the process to understand which part of your ad account and campaigns needs more attention and which parts works well to help sellers make more informative and smart decisions.
Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

– A general perspective of the four-level process
– Metrics to evaluate a good campaign
– What to do so keywords do not get left behind
– Quick ways to improve campaigns
–  And so much more!

Download the PPC Audit checklist used by PPC Ninja to assess the strengths, weaknesses and untapped potential of your Amazon advertising campaigns!

About Ritu Java:

Ritu Java started her eCommerce journey as an Etsy seller over ten years ago. She is the CEO and co-founder of PPC Ninja, a software and services company managing sponsored ads and DSP for 6, 7, and 8 figure brands. As someone passionate about data analysis and advertising, Ritu has run dozens of PPC mastermind programs, workshops, and webinars and trained hundreds of Amazon sellers on PPC. In addition,Ritu has shared her knowledge on dozens of podcasts, webinars, and conferences, including the Prosper Show, Global Sources Summit, Empowery, and more.

Visit Ritu’s website:

Tools & Useful Resources:

Helium 10 – Essential tool to perform most of the operations related to your product research before deciding where to source it

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Note: these are affiliate links that will give you a discount if you decide to subscribe to the tool, and will give me a small commission to help to support the generation of free content like this episode. I personally use these tools in my own private label brand therefore I recommend sellers to take advantage of them to simplify and automate their operations.

Gianmarco Meli is a serial entrepreneur and e-commerce business owner with 6 years of e-commerce experience living and doing business in China.
He launched his first e-commerce startup in Shanghai in 2016, backed by Chinaccelerator (an SOSV venture capital fund), and subsequently moved to sell on Amazon a couple of years later. He graduated from "Run Like Clockwork", an accelerator program based on the best-selling book "Clockwork", where he learned to apply the best systems and methods to effectively scale operations of his Amazon business.
Now his mission is to leverage the power of systems, processes, and people to generate long-term impact with his businesses while sharing his knowledge and helping other entrepreneurs master the art of business efficiency along the way.

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