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Hello hello changemakers, welcome to the intro episode of the Seller Process Podcast, the show for Amazon sellers and ecommerce entrepreneurs with this one promise: after each episode you’ll walk away with either a template, a roadmap, an SOP, a checklist, a flowchart or a step-by-step process that you can download for free and start implementing it in your business now.

Why is that so important? 

Look, everybody who’s been in this space long enough knows that selling on Amazon or doing E-commerce, in general, is getting more and more complex every year. The pandemic helped to accelerate the expansion of online buyers, so now thousands and thousands of new sellers worldwide are jumping on the e-commerce bandwagon every single month, causing unprecedented levels of competition. In some of the most crowded categories selling online is becoming more similar to a war, especially when overseas sellers, you know who I’m referring to, play unfair tricks to win the competition, it can get brutal.

High competition it’s also responsible to drive market prices down because everyone is trying to get a sale over their competitors, while in the meantime advertising, PPC and generally speaking marketing costs are growing more and more expensive as a result.

You know where I’m going, lower prices, higher costs equal lower profitability for us sellers.
And if that’s not enough, hear me out here coz I think this is one of the most important pieces to understand about the global change in the e-commerce market that it’s happening right now since the pandemic started in 2020, several hundred million dollars, if not actually billions, have been deployed by investment funds, private equity firms, and big retail conglomerates to acquire thousands of e-commerce companies around the world. They’ve been shopping for ecom brands.
And how is this impacting you as a small-medium seller you ask?
Well, these guys have huge capital, big teams, very efficient processes, and great systems to run those e-commerce brands like clockwork. 
They take advantage of economies of scale to drive down the cost of goods, the cost of logistics, and pretty much everything else that you do by yourself in the comfort of your room with your laptop, they have highly paid specialists that focus all day on tiny details about the business, to increase sales, drive costs down and profitability up.
You know, these guys are tough people to compete with.
If you have been doing e-commerce for a while, I’m sure I’m not telling you anything new here.
The rules of the game are changing, and as it comes with any big change, those who will adapt will survive and reap the benefits, while those who won’t, are destined to get crushed by the competition.
But it’s not all doom and gloom, although there are really thousands of online sellers struggling with getting their business profitable and many of them even fail and lose all their money, there are other companies that are actually thriving in this new environment, generating millions of dollars out of their e-commerce business.
And that’s because they understand the change that is happening, they understand the new rules of the game, and understand that to create sustainable growth for their business they will need to act as a real business, implementing efficient systems and processes that are executed by a team of smart people, just like the big guys, the funds and conglomerates I mentioned before are doing.

People and processes is the mix you need to inject in your business to set yourself for exponential growth. 


No more solopreneurs trying to juggle all balls at once, spinning up their wheels all day until exhaustion. 
No more frustrations, chaos, and inefficiencies that waste our time, energy, and money. 
I’m talking about implementing in your business the right SOPs and systems that allow you to find profitable products, optimize them and rank them to Amazon page one for all the relevant keywords. 
I’m talking about having checklists, templates, and video training to hand over to your team and have them execute the daily operations for you, so you can focus on the vision and strategy to take your business to the next level. I’m talking about efficiency, teamwork, and predictable outcomes.

And the good news is, you don’t need to be a big fund or one of those conglomerates with deep pockets and big teams to do that, this is exactly why I decided to start this podcast, to share with you the best methods, the systems and the processes used by the top sellers worldwide so you can implement them in your business right now.

No chit chats, what are you going to listen will be value-packed podcast shows, which are basically short and sweet audio masterclasses, with just the essential you need to know, without any useless conversations in between, where I will interview some of the best Amazon sellers and e-commerce entrepreneurs, but also coaches and experts in different areas that will share their most valuable processes and systems to help us win in the e-commerce game – and all that goes with a free download on each episode that will put in your hands the exact step by step process explained during the show.

I’m Gianmarco Meli, and I’m gonna be the host of the show, I’m an Amazon seller like you and I’ve spent 5 years in multiple e-commerce businesses having started my own ecom platform in China, where I lived for 6 years.

A quote I like to cite, which you’ll often hear is: 

“We don’t rise to the level of our goals, we fall to the level of our systems”

In my entrepreneurial journey, this has been the foundation of one of the most important mindset shifts I’ve made. 

So much so that I’ve enrolled and graduated from the “Run Like Clockwork Accelerator” – a special coaching program founded by bestseller author Mike Mickalowicz and efficiency expert Adrienne Dorison, which is inspired by the methodology explained in the book “Clockwork“.

My goal with this podcast will be to share with you the best methods, systems, and processes that I’m using in my business and especially the ones from the special guests I’ll be interviewing on the show. Keep in mind that all the episodes are prepared in advance in order to leave you only with the best content in a format that is short and value-packed.

You can find our show in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all the other major platforms, and for additional resources, show notes, and extra content and videos check out the Podcast section of this website.
I hope the content you’ll find here will help you generate the impact you want to create in your life and business. So without further ado, let me welcome you to the Seller Process Podcast, enjoy the show!

Gianmarco Meli is a serial entrepreneur and e-commerce business owner with 6 years of e-commerce experience living and doing business in China.
He launched his first e-commerce startup in Shanghai in 2016, backed by Chinaccelerator (an SOSV venture capital fund), and subsequently moved to sell on Amazon a couple of years later. He graduated from "Run Like Clockwork", an accelerator program based on the best-selling book "Clockwork", where he learned to apply the best systems and methods to effectively scale operations of his Amazon business.
Now his mission is to leverage the power of systems, processes, and people to generate long-term impact with his businesses while sharing his knowledge and helping other entrepreneurs master the art of business efficiency along the way.

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