Hey entrepreneur! I bet you are like me, always trying to squeeze something more in your day, juggling several balls at once and organizing your work to be more productive in order to get that extra project done or get closer to your long desired goal.
The problem is that you and I got the same amount of time in a day, exactly 86.400 seconds, no one more, no one less.
We wish we could get a few extra hours during the day to crunch a few more tasks.
Can you relate to this?

About a year ago, during my “lock-down readings” I’ve learnt about a new method to take account of my time and start working on it, line by line, literally.
It’s such an easy method yet so powerful.
I’ve been able to save tons of hours since then and it revolutionized the way I work.

It’s called “Time Tracking” and I’ve interviewed Adrienne Dorison (efficiency expert, co-founder of Run Like Clockwork with Mike Michalowicz) who explained the step by step process to do that in an episode called “3X Efficiency with Time Tracking and the 4D mix

I’d like to challenge you to experience the same results I did, starting small, like any big achievement is obtained. 
I challenge you to save 1 hour THIS WEEK (in the next 3 days to be more precise) using the method described in the episode, and I’ll give you my support to reach that goal, just follow these simple steps:

1. Make yourself accountable: write me an email with Subject Line “Committed to Save 1 hour” at “podcast@thesellerprocess.com” (Do it NOW before your subconscious lazy mind will tell you it’s a waste of time! I’ll keep you accountable to reach that goal, my promise is that you will gain at least 1 hour back of your time after doing the exercise explained in the episode)
2. Listen to the episode 3X Efficiency with Time Tracking and the 4D mix
Download the Clockwork Kit HERE and find the sheet called “Time Analysis Worksheet” (under the Tools+Worksheets section)
Fill it out for at least 3 days (up to 5 if you like) and follow the TTT method explained (Trash, Transfer, Trim) to find all those tasks in your day that can be an opportunity for time saving.
Email me your results at “podcast@thesellerprocess.com” so I can help you find those opportunities, or simply write me how much time have you been able to carve out by doing the exercise by yourself, I bet you’ll be able to gain back at least 1 hour of your time, this week, in just few days.

Imagine how valuable would that be? What could you do with one extra hour a week?
Start a new project? Spend it with your family/friends? Working on a new product launch?

What if you could save 2 hours a week instead? In a year that could have an enormous impact on your business. 

Send me your commitment by email now, and I’ll promise you’ll become an efficiency master in no time by implementing Time tracking in your business –> write me now an email with Subject Line “Committed to Save 1 hour” at “podcast@thesellerprocess.com”

I wish you a productive week!