1-1 mentoring session

You're One RIGHT Product Away from Success

Get a 3rd-party expert opinion on your next product launch before spending more time or investing money on the first order.


Choosing the Right products is the most critical decision you can make in your amazon business

Let’s face it, your ability to succeed on Amazon is directly related to your ability to identify, create and launch highly demanded and profitable products, period.
It’s not the external traffic, it’s not the chatbots, it’s not PPC. It’s all about your product.
Therefore choosing the right product to order and launch is the single most critical business decision you can make.
Choose the right products and you have the potential to build a 7-8 figure ecommerce empire in no time.
Choose the wrong products and you may put yourself into a spiral of time, energy and money investments that could literally transform your Amazon journey into a nightmare.

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Get a 3rd party expert and unbiased opinion on your next product to Launch

"I've interviewed several dozens of 7 and 8 figures Amazon sellers. You know what do they all have in common? A great understanding of what a high-performing product looks like and a well-oiled system that consistently let them identify, order and launch highly profitable products."

How it Works



Schedule a call from this page and fill up a short form to share more information about your product idea. Note: your product idea is safe and protected by an NDA agreement. None of your information will be used or shared in any way.



I'll start evaluating your product idea through a complete market research: I will collect data and other critical information into a report that will represent the base of our conversation. This report, with all the additional information that came up from the call, will then be shared with you.



I'll share with you my detailed feedback and 100% honest opinion about the product in our 1-1 call. We'll also have a conversation to evaluate the product thoroughly based on your specific brand and objectives. I'll also share with you my system and recommendations to improve.

what's Included

1-1 Evaluation

Up to 30 min one-to-one live session where we'll go deep into the evaluation of your product ideas and answer all your questions.*

My Systems

I'll share with you the systems, strategies and criteria I use for my products development that made me find tens of high performing and profitable products.

Action Items

As a result of our call, you'll need to implement some actions I'll keep you accountable for so that you will really experience a true transformation in your business.

*Your product idea is protected by an NDA agreement that will be shared with you after successfully booking the session.

What People Say

schedule a product Evaluation

Schedule a session to evaluate your product ideas.* Make a 3rd party expert and unbiased evaluation of your product ideas part of your product development process.
*Rest assured that your product idea is safe and protected by an NDA.

1x Product

$ 98
  • 1x Product Evaluation
  • One up to 30min session

3x Products

$ 264
  • 3x Product Evaluations
  • Three up to 30min sessions
Save 10%

Here's my Guarantee


Launching a new product is a big deal, because you are going to invest a lot of your time, energy and money on it. So if you choose to have a mentoring session with me to evaluate your products, I’m going to be all the way in with you.
If a product you showed me that I gave my approval for you to launch, ends up being a failure for reasons that I could not foresee, I’ll give you 100% money back + free consultation for as long as it takesΒ to make sure you will recoup all your investment in that product back. That’s my word.
Also, if for any reasons you’ll not be satisfied after our call, you can simply write me that and I’ll refund 100% of the cost of the call. Easy and risk-free for you.

Furthermore rest assured that all the information shared about your product idea are kept secret and not used in any ways to launch similar products, your data and ideas are safe and protected by an NDA that will be shared with you after successfully booking the session.

why it's so Critical you don't screw this Up


Waste of Resources

Each product requires you to put a great amount of time, energy and money. Getting it wrong could drain all money from your pocket and take out all your energy.


Delay your Goals

After investing long hours in market research, contacting suppliers and all that goes into launching a product, finding it was only a waste of time it could severely slow you down on the way to achieving your goals.


Save Headaches

Everyone who experienced launching a product that ended up not being a good one can say it's a huge headache to deal with. Save yourself the hustle to figure out all possible ways to sell out your overstock (probably at a loss...)

Get a 100% honest, unbiased and Data-driven opinion on your next product to launch
(before to make any mistakes)

Choosing the right product to launch is one of the most critical decision you’ll ever make in your business. Whether you are a seasoned seller or just starting, getting a second look at your product ideas for confirmation before launching them, is an insurance against making mistakes that could potentially cost you a lot of money and stress.