Well done! Few Quick steps to go!

Step 1: Wait for our email

We got your order! The installation of this system in your accounts will require in part a manual installation from our team. We’ll reach out in the next 24 hours with the instructions on how to move forward with the installation! Thanks for your patience! For any questions feel free to write us at “gm@thesellerprocess.com” or use the contact details that you can find on this website.

Step 2: Access Our Resource platform

In the email, you’ll find the instructions on how to access our resources platform where you’ll find all the free resources included in your order and the video tutorials on how to open your accounts to start setting up the system.

Step 3: Set up your accounts

Watch the instructions explained in the videos to set up your accounts and send us the information required to start the installation. We’ll work around the clock to install the system in your accounts and you’ll be able to use it in no time! (generally within 24 hours, but expect maximum 2-3 working days in busy times)